Nature Bio Foods B.V.

Distributors of Organic and Consumer Food Products

Leading Distributor of Authentic Organic and Consumer Food Products in the EU and USA

Nature Bio Foods BV holds a vast bouquet of quality organic and other food products from leading global consumer food brands sourced directly from sustainable farms of India, Africa, Turkey and other Asian a countries.

NBF BV is the Distributor of Following Consumer Food Product Brands

Nature Bio Foods B.V. - Your European Partner to Source Global Organic & Consumer Food Products.

From Food Artisans to Retailers, Health Conscious to Health Practitioners, we supply 100% authentic and certified organic consumer food products from popular brands as well as our own brand “Organic EcoLife”


Bringing to the EU Popular Organic & Consumer Food Brands

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Warehousing and Distribution of Organic Consumer Products

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Our Story

Supply The Finest Organic Produce with Fairness, Transparency & Commitment

Nature Bio Foods B.V. is a leading organic consumer food products distribution company. We stock and sell our own brand Organic EcoLife as well as operate with a network of global suppliers and buyers.

NBF BV supplies a complete range of organic consumer foods, which means we have everything you need for your retail or food service business.   In our relationships with our leading brands, clean label producers, small scale growers and farmers, fairness and continuity are key to our way of working. 

Food Service

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Our value addition

The Home For Organic Brands
Natural. Sustainable.

NBF BV’s mission is to curate an extensive range of organic food products from brands around the world for our customers at wholesale prices.

From exotic spices to an assortment of lentils, flour, superfoods and your favorite rice varieties: hundreds of products are just a call away from delivery right to your door. We rely only on well-known and high quality centric brands such as EcoLife, Leev and many many more, and since we source our selection directly from manufacturers and do not use middlemen, we can guarantee very low prices for our customers. And we ensure that we pass our savings to you.

With many years of experience in the wholesale business mean that NBF BV has expertise to create the right mix of organic products, whether they are for the daily shop or are responding to the latest food trends. NBF BV’s specialists know what the latest trends are, and know where to find the best suppliers for those products.

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